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The Steps We Take to Ensure Proper Campaign Trajectory

Filter Wrong Traffic

To eliminate irrelevant traffic, we will implement strategies to target your relevant audience and their pain points. With improved traffic, your conversion rate will be upgraded instantly.

Increase Low Quality Scores

Quality score has a direct relationship with PPC success. By CTR optimization, refinement of ads and landing page optimization, we enhance your low quality score.

Increase Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Poor CTR can prove dangerous for your campaign health. With right kind of keyword targeting, compelling ads and Ad tests, we make sure to increase your CTR.

Landing Page Optimization

We will improve your landing page performance by making it simple, user friendly, and highly customized to the searcher's intent. This will result in more leads and customer conversions.

Reduce High Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

By utilizing the right type of keywords match type, proper use of negative and long tail keywords and improving the Quality Score, we will cut back the CPC and generate higher ROI.

Increase Leads & Sales

Our special strategic techniques increase leads & sales for your business. With the execution of lead generating techniques, we convert visitors into quality leads. We also increase sales with our in-built CRO optimization strategies.

PPC Management - All Systems Go!

AdWords is a pay per click system where bids are made on the keywords you desire to show up for in Google search results. When done correctly, AdWords can be highly lucrative and cost effective for pulling in new leads and customers.

Ad Rocket PRO Management

Our Adwords Management Plan is paid to us as a flat monthly fee to us for set up and execute your on-going PPC strategy. We perform constant testing and tweaking, as well as all the maintenance of your campaigns. Continually changing and adapting to ensure maximum efficiency is the only way to increase ROI.

PPC Ad Spend

Google Adwords charges the advertiser on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) basis, meaning you're only charged when searchers click on your ad and visit your website. Google's fees are charged directly to the consumer by Google themselves - rather than our agency.

You Have FULL CONTROL of Your Budget!

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What You'll Get

We'll send you a FREE report on your overall AdWords performance. Your Final Grade will be based on a detailed review of the following areas:

  • Wasted Ad Spend
  • Quality Scores
  • Click-Through-Rates (CTR)
  • Account Activity
  • Text Ads
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Impression Shares
  • Mobile Advertising
  • PPC Best Practices

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AdWords Performance Grader

Find Out Where You Stand
Get a FREE AdWords Proposal Today!

The name of the Business or Google AdWords account you'd like us to analyze.

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